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EISAKU NORO CO., LTD. is a yarn producer located in the province Aichi in Japan. Founded more than 30 years ago by Eisaku Noro, it has established its own production technologies ranging from materials to products, as well as its own sales network and practices. With its top-class brands of hand knitting yarn, "NORO", and machine knitting yarn, "EISAKU NORO," the company has been expanding its distribution channels in the global market.

EISAKU NORO will wholeheartedly continue to create wool yarn so that the products they make with care and devotion constantly provide a pleasant surprise and great impression among knitting lovers in Japan and throughout the world.

The company's success has its roots in the artistic and individual approach of Eisaku Noro to producing yarns.

The selection of raw materials is the first step. Noro insists on using, with only a few exceptions, natural fibres of the highest quality which meet certain ecological requirements as well.

Creative work during yarn development

The next step after selecting the raw materials is composing the yarn and its shades. One of the possible pathes of life for Eisaku Noro in his youth were an artistic education. But though he was a gifted painter he decided to become an artist in yarns instead. His artistic talent is reflected in the color compositions of his outstanding yarns.

The last important step is the actual production of the yarns. Noro's philosophy is to do as much as possible by hand and not by machine to preserve the natural characteristics of the fibres. The usage of chemicals is reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum. Noro has an eye on energy saving during production as well, for example through minimizing processing time in energy-consuming machines.



The outcome of all this thoughts and practical steps are yarns with extraordinary colours and wonderful grip and texture which are unique throughout the world.

Manual peparation of carding

What Eisaku Noro Ltd. and its founder have to say about the production process, used raw materials, ecologocial aspects, and the biography of Eisaku Noro himself, goes beyond the scope of this website. (But you can get a small glimpse if you look at our video link on the References page...)

So we are happy to offer you a 27-page excerpt from one of the latest publications by Noro which covers these topics in great detail, enriched by wonderful photos.

Manufacturing of Noro Yarn. From Farm to Product (PDF)

Founder Eisaku Noro (sitting) while creating new colours

The European distributor of Noro machine knitting yarns, responsible for this website, is Klaus Koch, head of his sales agency of the same name: Handelsagentur Klaus Koch. Mr. Koch works successfully in the yarn industry for more than four decades. You can find more information about him and his company at his (only German) website.